Events & Initiatives

Microbiome modulation of the brain and other biological systems

Interested in or working in human microbiome research? Then this event is not to be missed!

This half-day FREE satellite event will bring together human microbiome researchers to share, learn, and connect in the AHMRN's very first in-person offering.

How will the event be structured?

  • Half-day satellite (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)

  • Attend in-person or online

  • Three plenary speakers: Associate Professor Elisa Hill, Professor Margaret Morris, and Professor Elaine Holmes.

  • Oral presentations from attendees

  • Morning tea provided

See the full program and further details here.

Considerations in pre-clinical studies of microbiome

A virtual catch-up for those looking to meet like-minded researchers with an interest in FMT.

In this meeting Dr Nadia Lopes Amorim shared her expertise in designing FMT pre-clinical studies.

You can view the slides of the presentation by clicking this link.

Beginners Guide to 16S Microbial Analysis

Commencing May 2022 (Online only)

Ran over four weeks, this group course will provide structure and guidance as attendees work through an online microbial analysis course together.

Find more information and register by clicking this link.

New Ideas in Microbiome Research

22nd March 2022 (Online only)

We kicked off 2022 by diving straight into the deep end, with an event focused on new ideas in microbiome research.

In this event, Dr Mireia Valles-Colomer and Dr Archita Mishra take us through their exciting research areas.

FMT Superheroes Connect

8th December 2021 (Online only)

A virtual catch-up for those looking to meet like-minded researchers with an interest in FMT.

In this meeting Dr Hannah Wardill presented the new and exciting GRAFT guidelines of which she is senior author. Hannah's presentation sparked some discussion points and attendees had the chance to ask questions and discuss points of interest.

Microbiome Superheroes Connect

8th September 2021 (Online only)

An online lightning talk event where our members shared their microbiome super powers for the greater good.

  • Svetlina Vasileva, Queensland Brain Institute

  • Dr Carolina Gubert, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health

  • Samantha Dawson, Food & Mood Centre, Deakin University

  • Ghayah Al-Qadami, School of Biomedicine, University of Adelaide

  • Prof Mark Nicol, University of Western Australia

  • Dr Guillaume Meric, Systems Genomics Lab, Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute

  • Prof Nicolas Rasmussen, University of New South Wales

The Who, What and How of Microbiome Data

19th April 2021 (Online only)

The Australasian Human Microbiome Research Network’s inaugural event.

  • Georgina Hold: “Who’s who of the human microbiome: an introduction to key microbes”

  • A/Prof Andy Holmes: “What is lost and gained with 16S sequencing relative to shotgun? Is shotgun always better?”

  • Dr Thom Quinn: “Appropriate statistics and data transformation for compositional data”