Interested in or working in human microbiome research? Then this event is not to be missed!

This half-day FREE satellite event will bring together human microbiome researchers to share, learn, and connect in the AHMRN's very first in-person offering.

How will the event be structured?

  • Half-day satellite (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)

  • Attend in-person or online

  • Three plenary speakers: Associate Professor Elisa Hill, Professor Margaret Morris, and Professor Elaine Holmes.

  • Oral presentations from attendees

  • Morning tea provided

See the full program below.

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Getting there

This event will be held at The Alfred Innovation & Education Hub.

Please see the directions to the lecture theatre by clicking this link.


8:40 PLENARY | A/Prof Elisa Hill, Autism and connections between the gut and CNS


Maya Davie, A novel in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier to study dysregulated gut-brain axis communication.

Courtney Subramaniam, High fibre diet significantly reduces astrocyte abundance in a mouse model of 5-FU induced neuroinflammation.

Carolina Gubert, Dietary fibre has differential therapeutic effects on behaviour and gut microbiome in Huntington’s disease mice

Nanthini Jayabalan, Urinary polyamines and gut microbiota metabolites in Parkinson’s disease

Svetlina Vasileva, The gut microbiome and treatment response in schizophrenia

Jacqui Palmer, Effects of a prebiotic supplement on child behaviours in autism spectrum disorder, and parental quality of life


10:45 PLENARY | Prof Margaret Morris, The modern diet: cross-talk between brain changes, cognition, and gut microbiome in the rat


Jacqui Scott, The anti-myeloma drug, bortezomib, induces changes in the gastrointestinal microenvironment known to drive pain

Marie Ryan, Inflammation as Acne Vulgaris (AV): 15-day exclusion diet examined with concurrent changes in the gut microbiome

Alexis Hung, Investigating the effect of perinatal diet on the microbiome, immune and brain developmental

Amelia McGuinness, Changes in depression symptoms after bowel preparation and colonoscopy and interactions with BMI, IBS, and gut microbiota

Nathan Nuzum, How our gut may bug our brains: Assessing gut bacteria’s role in cognition across healthy ageing

Zizheng Xian, Functional metagenomics profiling of Trimethyl Amine (TMA)-producing gut bacteria in Parkinson’s disease patient

11:45 PLENARY | Prof Elaine Holmes, Metabolic profiling in precision medicine


Australasian Neuroscience Society Conference 2022: